The most popular web server software in the world is Apache.  Apache is free and open source.  It works well with MySQL, a database engine and PHP, a programming environment.  Setting up a server that is “live” on the web requires a significant amount of software knowledge and configure. XAMPP overcomes all that.  XAMPP will install Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl with one click.

XAMPP is ideal for development projects or a quick activity limited to students in a single classroom.  A teacher can download XAMPP and install it on a Windows, OSX or Linux machine.  XAMPP will run many popular web applications like WordPress and MediaWiki.  A teacher can then have students use these applications running on XAMPP to write about topics related to curriculum material and critique each other’s writing.  Students can compile information about a specific topic in a private wiki and write their own articles.  Since XAMPP runs on a computer without being connected directly to the Internet, all of this is activity is behind a school firewall and safe from public viewing.  This creates the potential for students to use social networking software without the concern of interaction with strangers in the outside world.

Since XAMPP is free, each student can install the software on her own computer.  This is the ideal development environment to learn how to create web pages and develop applications using the PHP and Perl programming languages.  Since these programming languages run on the most popular web server, the projects can easily be copied to “live” web servers that also run the Apache web server.

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Fusion Tables – Data Visualization

Fusion Tables is a free web-based data visualization tool from Google.  Using Fusion Tables, latitude and longitude data in a spreadsheet can be “connected” to a Google Map.  Street addresses can also be connected to maps showing locations based on those addresses.  Using this tool, students can apply knowledge of spreadsheets to make maps like this interactive map showing all the school buildings in Ohio.  In order to create each point on the map, the columns in the original spreadsheet had to be merged into a working address.  This is application of spreadsheet knowledge.

Ohio School Building Designations

In the following example, latitude and longitude data was collected and used to form the shape of school districts.  The spreadsheet contained a column showing the level of poverty in each district.  The colors of the districts were adjusted so that red signifies most impoverished and blue is least impoverished with lighter shades of red and blue indicating poverty levels some where in the middle.

Ohio School Districts and Poverty

The final example shows a map with symbols created by collected latitude and longitude readings for specific locations at Camp Berry.  This was created as part of the Findlay City Schools Outdoor Environmental Camp.  Using a GPS, location data was collected for each structure in the camp.  Those latitude and longitude readings were entered into a spreadsheet and imported into a Fusion Table.  This is application of latitude and longitude knowledge.

A Field Trip to Camp Berry

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Flickr and Delicious

During my Educational Technology Integration Course, I will be using this blog as my hub for all things related to the course. My personal digital footprint hub is at http://alvintrusty.com

These are my links to

Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/trustypics

Here is another Flickr LINK to my account.  Links can be created in WordPress is many different ways – Flickr Page


Delicious – http://delicious.com/atrusty

This is my Twitter account.

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Google Doc Tutorial

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Movie showing PowerPoint – Insert Picture Word Tutorial

This is a PowerPoint presentation recorded in “window” mode using Camstudio. At the end of the video is a Slide Sorter listing of all the slides in the video. This video is best watched in full screen 720p mode.

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Educational Technology vs Education Establishment

I took all these pictures with my 3 megapixel camera.

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Tech in Education – Through the Years

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Excel Test Key

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The Mission Of The University of Findlay

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Fusion Tables – Ohio School Building Designations

The Ohio Department of Education posts an assortment of spreadsheets showing academic data from Ohio schools. Most of the data is available in Excel format. Using this spreadsheet, I generated the map below using Google’s Fusion Tables tool. For more information about a specific school building, click on it.

The full screen version is here.

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